Alison At First Glance – Do it the “Right Way”

I haven’t been working at The Alison Group for very long, today actually marks my one month anniversary, but I have been very impressed with what I’ve seen so far. They really seem to have it together. I can honestly say that all of my coworkers invest the time to do things the right way.

In design school, you’re taught to use a certain process: try to sketch as much as possible, stay away from clipart, have an entire concept to support your design… Well, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do things “the right way”. With heavy deadlines and pressure from clients, in the heat of the moment your strategy can quickly turn into “get it done”.

While your client might be momentarily pleased with the speediness of your “get it done” strategy, they are sometimes left with a lot of loose ends. “Get it done” produces a poorly thought out end result, that sometimes will not stand the test of time and leaves a lot of room for error, or redesign.

At Alison, they’ve learned that rather than rushing through a project and trying to pick up the pieces afterwards, everyone invests the time and do things right the first time around. The processes that were pounded into my head in college are actually being utilized here at The Alison Group, and it’s paying off.

I don’t mean for this post to come off as an endorsement for Alison, but as a new employee, I’m inspired and invigorated… ready to learn. I’m still very early in my marketing/design career (four years in) but working for The Alison Group has left me very excited for my future, and I think that’s worthy of writing about.

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