One Last Try

Let’s pretend its mid-February or early March, the prime time to get out and start looking for a summer internship. This process can both be frustrating, as well as rewarding. As time speeds by, you’ve spent a great portion of your spring semester sending your resume to different companies and firms. You begin constantly (maybe even obsessively) checking your email, hoping and praying someone, anyone, actually took the time respond. The sad thing is, that’s the easy part! Next, you have to worry about the first  interview and possibly a second or third.

My three-month search for an internship was especially trying… I started looking in March and without the help of my advisor, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I googled ad agencies, PR firms, communication companies, etc. In the beginning my email contained over 50 sent and only 10 replies. But that didn’t discourage me. Eventually towards the end of April a good friend of mine recommended The Alison Group, a firm from my hometown.

A quick email landed me where I am today, an intern for The Alison Group. My name is Rushunda Ware and I am a fourth year Public Relations major at the University of South Carolina.

Alison is perfect for me; it’s close to home and provides me with an opportunity to do what I love. Over the past month I have been exposed to so many different aspects of marketing and design. Although this is not what I’m studying in school, I think this exposure will be beneficial. So far, this internship is helping to build my confidence and gain a bit of business experience.

I am very thankful for this position. This is the first internship I have had out of several that I can truthfully say is worth my time. Everyone has taken a moment to talk to me and bestow upon me useful tips and advice. None of my other internships attempted to prepare me for my future unlike the Alison Group. I feel comfortable here. There’s no greater feeling than actually wanting to get up and go to work. Throughout the rest of the summer, my thirst for PR experience is sure to be quenched. And to think,  sending out one more email got me where I am today.


About Rushunda Ware

Summer Intern at The Alison Group in Augusta, GA.
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