Something to Aspire Towards; Jessica Hische

As a designer, I am constantly looking at other work. From the internet to billboards, everywhere I look, I’m surrounded by design. My opinions can vary; sometimes I’m critical, and sometimes I’m admirable. But most of the time I’m inspired: Inspired to be better. There has been one designer/illustrator that has left me particularly inspired lately, and that’s Jessica Hische.

Jessica Hische is a young designer from Brooklyn, NY. After graduating from the Tyler School of Art and making a short corporate-cameo, she is now kicking butt with an affluent freelance lettering and illustration career.

As you can see her work speaks for itself. It’s beautiful, eye-catching and unique. It’s no surprise that, at only 26, some of her clients include: Kellogg’s, Target, GQ Magazine, Tiffany & co., William Sonoma… I could go on and on. Yes, she’s the big time.

At 25, I’ve accomplished the majority of my career goals thus far. I have my BFA and landed a couple of great jobs doing what I enjoy the most. I understand that there will always be someone faster or better, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. Designers like Hische inspire me to work harder, and be better in hopes that one day someone to look at my designs the way I look at hers.

Check her out:

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