Part of the Group – Alison Welcomes a Newbie

There is no greater feeling than being accepted, trusted and deemed the right fit for a thriving company. I proudly and thankfully met the criteria for the unique position The Alison Group recently had available. Already my time with these friendly, hardworking and intelligent people has made being the “new girl” a wonderful experience.

I will be working for our clients to ensure projects are smooth and efficient. My other fun duties include administrative assistant, researching, event planning and assisting in the fastest growing marketing tool; Social Media! Can you say dream job?

I have been awestruck with how much strategic planning goes into every decision. From whole business campaigns to redesigning a small logo time is spent discussing ideas and making those ideas become reality. Coming from a background of management and real estate I was on the other side of the marketing bench… I told them what I wanted and how I wanted it done. Now I see that the smallest color tweak or change in a font can be the difference in having a successful marketing campaign.

Let the imagination and creativity begin!  I am determined to succeed in my part of the group and I have already been referred to as “Ms. Too Efficient”. I gladly accept that name!


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