Naming a New Product – HyDri™ from Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group

ProductBrandingAugustaGaNaming a new product is always an interesting challenge. This one was no exception. HyDri started as project Y. The features of this new product were exceptional – All natural, soft cotton that acts as a barrier against the skin allowing wetness to pass through while remaining dry. The primary use is for coverstock and topsheets in diapers, femcare and incontinence products. This has long been the domain of non-cotton products. This one would be a game changer. All the more important that the name become instantly synonymous with the product.

Our choices came down to a half dozen including Smart Cotton, Cotton so Soft and Nature’s Way Cotton. HyDri did not make the original cut. Two of the choices were either in process or already taken according the trademarking authority. One was not owned however the URL was taken. We considered the qualities and performance of this new product Y to determine if those could be “romanced” in the name. The prefix “Hy” was short for hydro representing wet and of course the juxtaposition of “Dry” made a nice fit. Dry was changed to Dri to avoid the literal word and also the awkwardness of two Ys. The fact that the new product was also Hypoallergenic reinforced the “Hy” and helped cement the choice. This product now takes its place along other cotton products manufactured by Barnhardt to create a family including another one, HiLoft.

Our client reported the initial acceptance of HyDri™ Cotton at their recent trade show was “highly successful.” Most of all, the name was easily assimilated into conversation. The brand is now and forever part of the cotton vernacular and we are proud to have contributed.

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