Why a GPO Might Be the Best Way to Sell Your Services

GPO (Group Purchasing Organizations) have become an important player in virtually every vertical market. One of the largest is Premier, a sizeable GPO working primarily in the health care segment. Once your company is vetted by a GPO and given a contract to sell to members, the organization works to present your services for you. When it works, it is a win…win…win. That’s the good news.

The tough part is cutting through the GPO clutter to get to the handshake. With literally thousands of vendors, only the most skilled and relevant companies will see early success. Our role at the Alison Group is to get to the handshake quicker.

Last week we presented Northwest Companies at the Premier Breakthrough in San Antonio, TX. Through a direct mail/e-mail program, aggressive targeting and a little magic we succeeded in gaining attention and within two days after the show, closing, the first appointment with a qualified buyer.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it that gets business. In this case, targeting, timing and a team of experts have defied the odds to create business opportunities. Isn’t that what you expect in a marketing company? 

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