Why a GPO Might Be the Best Way to Sell Your Services

GPO (Group Purchasing Organizations) have become an important player in virtually every vertical market. One of the largest is Premier, a sizeable GPO working primarily in the health care segment. Once your company is vetted by a GPO and given a contract to sell to members, the organization works to present your services for you. When it works, it is a win…win…win. That’s the good news.

The tough part is cutting through the GPO clutter to get to the handshake. With literally thousands of vendors, only the most skilled and relevant companies will see early success. Our role at the Alison Group is to get to the handshake quicker.

Last week we presented Northwest Companies at the Premier Breakthrough in San Antonio, TX. Through a direct mail/e-mail program, aggressive targeting and a little magic we succeeded in gaining attention and within two days after the show, closing, the first appointment with a qualified buyer.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it that gets business. In this case, targeting, timing and a team of experts have defied the odds to create business opportunities. Isn’t that what you expect in a marketing company? 

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Naming a New Product – HyDri™ from Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group

ProductBrandingAugustaGaNaming a new product is always an interesting challenge. This one was no exception. HyDri started as project Y. The features of this new product were exceptional – All natural, soft cotton that acts as a barrier against the skin allowing wetness to pass through while remaining dry. The primary use is for coverstock and topsheets in diapers, femcare and incontinence products. This has long been the domain of non-cotton products. This one would be a game changer. All the more important that the name become instantly synonymous with the product.

Our choices came down to a half dozen including Smart Cotton, Cotton so Soft and Nature’s Way Cotton. HyDri did not make the original cut. Two of the choices were either in process or already taken according the trademarking authority. One was not owned however the URL was taken. We considered the qualities and performance of this new product Y to determine if those could be “romanced” in the name. The prefix “Hy” was short for hydro representing wet and of course the juxtaposition of “Dry” made a nice fit. Dry was changed to Dri to avoid the literal word and also the awkwardness of two Ys. The fact that the new product was also Hypoallergenic reinforced the “Hy” and helped cement the choice. This product now takes its place along other cotton products manufactured by Barnhardt to create a family including another one, HiLoft.

Our client reported the initial acceptance of HyDri™ Cotton at their recent trade show was “highly successful.” Most of all, the name was easily assimilated into conversation. The brand is now and forever part of the cotton vernacular and we are proud to have contributed.

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The Alison Group & Northwest Companies, Charlotte, NC

The Alison Group is very pleased to be appointed the marketing group for Northwest Companies, Charlotte, NC. Northwest Companies is a 20 year old exterior facilities management company targeting $200MM in sales. They operate in the contiguous 48 states.

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Treleoni Debuts at ISSA with Alison Help

While there are several trade shows for this industry, there is none larger in the US than the ISSA show. The booth we designed for Treleoni filled the 20X20 space but is versatile enough to be used in many configurations. Its simplicity and yet unique structure made it one of the most operationally efficient and visually stunning booths at the show.  The vertical column included digital lights rising twenty feet above the base. Treleoni had a fantastic show, meeting and exceeding the objectives for signing reps and sales.  A great presence and heavy hype pre and during the show gave them a significant edge on the competitors. Treleoni is on track to become a major player in the industry.

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Alison Partners with Powerserve to Launch Burn Foundation Website

The Alison Group has partnered with Powerserve to launch a redesign of the Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation website. A new design from Alison is paired with great content management and developement from Powerserve.

Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation provides assistance to families of burn patients being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.

Screenshots below, visit the full site at www.burnshurtwehelp.org.

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Alison adds Treleoni and prepares for a new client/product launch

The Alison Group has a long history in the Jan/San industry. We have worked with numerous clients over our 30 year history including names like Rubbermaid and Brillo brand. This year we were excited to have the opportunity to work with a new-comer. Treleoni is floor/hand pad company with nothing but opportunity in front of them. The brand is poised to compete with the top names in floor care, one of which we had the opportunity to position over 18 years ago.

The year has been spent preparing Treleoni for their big launch at the National ISSA show in Chicago this October. With a new booth, exciting new images and products, this will be an exciting time for this client. With an eye toward sales and a firm commitment to customers, there is no reason Treleoni will not have a strong impact on the market in 2013. We anticipate a serious upward angle on their sales chart and in brand recognition at the year progresses.

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“Works For Business”

Alison is at it again! Check out our new High Definition TV Spot “Works For Business”  for Queensborough National Bank

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The Eye Guys Olympic TV Spot

Alison has another new commercial! Check out our latest High Definition TV spot for The Eye Guys of Augusta featuring former Olympian Latasha Colander Clark.

Be on the lookout for this and more on our YouTube Page – TheAlisonGroupTV

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Intrinsics Line of Products Gets Makeover

The Intrinsics Brand of products for the spa, beauty and nail industry was due for a new look. In an industry that thrives on look and sex appeal, Intrinsics products are essential but certainly rather unassuming.  After all, cotton swabs, pads and towels are not overly sexy on their own. Packaging is the answer and the new logo along with smart and sassy packaging are as fresh as the products inside. We are happy to be involved with the marketing and makeover. Response from distributors has already been encouraging. We expect the latest direct mailing/sampling program will pay big dividends.

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